Friday, January 20, 2012


Design Goals: Create a 30' x 30', 2 stall, 1 lift, auto repair shop on a country parcel in Mendocino County. Design style to match existing residence. (Also by Kumaran Design). Insulate well, provide radiant floors, take advantage of site re: gardens and southern orientation for passive solar gain. Owner builder. Budget modest. 

Time line: design - fall 2010,  permitting w/ variance for use permit - winter & spring 2011,
construction - summer & fall 2011.

Comfort note: through fall until yesterday, it has been mostly sunny. Despite cooling temperatures, into the 20's at night, low 50's in the day, the south wall, with a large array of windows, gathered the solar gain making the temperature in the shop 70 degrees! The passive solar design element works nicely. As noted above, the shop also has radiant floor heat. Hasn't needed to turn it on. 

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