Sunday, July 28, 2013


I noticed two things of note visiting the Sea Ranch Chapel website today.
The first is this very special perspective through an aerial view of the Chapel, with its dynamic shape framed by gorgeous greens:

Photography by Scott Simpson, West of One

The second is a reminder to me of how special the Chapel is. While my own relationship is quite intimate, having had the privilege to be responsible to build the chapel, (along with a most talented group of craftspeople). It is really about who it is for.  I recommend you go to .

Friday, July 19, 2013

C&W Residence Completed

The C&W Residence has finally been completed despite many starts and stops, planning vagaries, and being caught in the middle of the great recession. (See home page for a rendering and floor plan of the original concept.) Custom designed to include details like glass stairs, a glass floor, a deep blue mosaic glass tile ceiling, full passive solar heating and cooling, and a 40’ deep scuba diving pool, the home eventually came to life as a home built to market. While details are moderated, from modern to Mediterranean, the principle design remains evident and strong. According to the developer the “buyer is amazed with the design and build.”

 Front Elevation
 Curved Living Room
 Curved Living Room
 LR toward Dining Room
 DR toward kitchen

 Kitchen toward Dining Room

 Up the curved stairs
Master Bath

 Rear Patio
Rear Elevation

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Omander Addition

While one naturally wishes to share one’s best projects, if one steps back and asks to define ‘best’ it is not always the most exceptional, the largest, or the most expensive. Good design is good design and it is applicable everywhere, for everyone. This project replaces a single car garage while adding storage, an office/guest bedroom, and a laundry plus bathroom . All highlighted in Swedish blue. The function works, blending new with old works. The budget worked. The home lives well.