Thursday, November 7, 2013


We are seeing more examples of the passive house standard applied to a wider variety of building shapes and forms. Here is a concept for a residence in the redwoods. A number of factors need to be considered beyond the delight of the lovely views into the always green forest.

Here are three:

- Light – its shady, especially in the winter. Add lots of windows and skylights. Add white and bright colors to the interior.

- Cool – which particularly settles in in winter. The Passive House Standard is quite appropriate. SIPS – structural insulated panels are chosen for this concept.

- Urban wildland interface – per code and common sense, to reduce combustible surfaces the siding is metal. Overhangs are minimal. The ceiling of the entry porch is to be metal or cement board. The walls of the entry porch to be redwood applied to 1 hr. fire rated walls. The roofing to be Class A. It could also be a green roof. In either case, a low slope roof shape is chosen sloping in the long direction. This happens to confine rain gutters to one short run, easily accessible for maintenance.

And two interesting touches:

- Redwood tree column with bark announces the entry porch.

- 2 – 10”x24” slabbed redwood beams with natural edge help visually divide the public spaces.

Area facts:

Residence = 1702 sf

Garage = 528 sf

Studio  = 528 sf

This concept, plans, parcel, and the construction of this passive house could be available. Inquire.
 Floor Plan
 At the front steps
 Front elevation
 Rear elevation
Front entry

Your first view

 Closer, near the kitchen
 In reverse, fromt the kitchen toward the living room and entry.