Wednesday, September 19, 2012


For much of my career my focus was to build and design. In recent years my focus is to design, for others to build, for you. Early on I learned an important lesson that I am attentive to now. I estimated and bid on many projects designed by architects. Interestingly, for the majority of the homes, my bid and all the other bids were too high. Design flaw - too expensive. The projects never got built. What a waste. The owner's dreams dashed, their money wasted. The architect, though paid, wasted his or her time and everyone else's, including mine which also equals money.  So how I approach the design and costs is to be frank - what is your budget? Then I try to design accordingly, pushing the value, utility and aesthetic to maximize what you choose to spend.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Scheduled to be opened soon - Herzog & de Mueron's new Parrish Art Museum on Long Island, NY. Rather different than the de Young you might say. Simple and direct . . . .

Photo credits unknown. Compliments of Dezeen and Phaidon