Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A New Kitchen

We recently have restored a home we built years ago. See Momka's House in our projects. For the kitchen, we went completely fresh and new. As you can imagine it needed it. Here's a photo of how it was:

And here is how the kitchen is today:

Crisp new fir floors, now integrating with all the public areas of the house; vertical grain fir cabinets, flush style; large 17"x26" Porcelanosa tile counters; new led lighting; and new appliances.  A unique feature we certainly kept is the window seat - in the kitchen! With a view window and a skylight directly overhead! Imagine a cool winter day curled up with your tea or coffee - close at hand.   Another special feature, part of the original design is the window wall overlooking a meadow. Every kitchen should have extensive views to the outdoors. We routinely design large windows at the kitchen sink into our projects.  Photo by Tyler Chartier.

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