Saturday, November 10, 2012


The Art Studio evolved around a circle on circle form,
focused toward the Basket and Regalia studios. These tall, high ceiling studios, have lots of north windows bring in the cool, balanced light ideal for creating their intricate, extraordinary baskets and ceremonial regalia. Looking out, the view, with your eye level @ 9' above grade, is directly into the rich, evergreen foliage of the oaks. Between the two main studios, a quiet patio is shared for work on nicer days. Two other studios are for arts and crafts, classes and socializing. To connect all the studios, a hallway gallery wraps the inner radius.  Straw bale and timber construction anchor the organic form. Area: 4095 sf. Note: if you are not familiar with the Pomo people, do become acquainted with them. In particular,they are famous for their remarkable basketry.

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